Aqua-Phos Fe 250ml


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Aqua-Phos Fe 250ml - £8.49

A premium value phosphate removing media suitable for all aquaria


Excessive levels of phosphate can encourage nuisance algae that look unsightly and can inhibit growth of other plants or corals.  Aqua-PHOS Fe™ is an iron oxide-hydroxide media that attracts and binds phosphates to its surface, removing them from the water.  The small granules and porous inner grain structure provide a very large surface area of 250-270m² per gram, enabling Aqua-PHOS Fe™ to bind up to 22 grams of phosphate-PO4 per kg, which compares very favourably with other brands costing a lot more!

Aqua-PHOS Fe is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquarium use. 


Rinse the granules in pure water before use.

Freshwater & Ponds - we suggest using
50ml-75ml of media per 100 litres of water, with the amount varying according to the pollution load.  Aim to keep phosphate levels below 0.1ppm.

Saltwater - we suggest using 100-150ml of media per 100 litres of aquarium water, depending on the pollution load.  Aim to keep phosphate levels below 0.03ppm.

In both cases the media is best used by running a VERY SLOW flow of aquarium water through it.  The media's effectiveness is driven by its contact time with the aquarium water.  The longer the contact time the more effectively the media works.  So we recommend a very slow flow of no more than 10 litres per hour per litre of media - ideally only 1-2 litres per hour! Fluidising or running an excessive flow through the media can degrade the media and reduce its effectiveness.
  Monitor phosphate levels and replace the media if levels start to rise.