Lens Dipper for Dslr


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Product Code: DIP192

 Lens Dipper for DSLR 

Quality Acrylic housing designed to clamp onto your lens to allow you to dip the end into your aquarium to take photos of fish and corals.  The end of the dipper is high quality crystal clear acrylic and being at 90 degrees to your lens affords you both crisp clear pictures wherever you focus.



  • Acrylic construction giving unrivalled clarity compared to taking photos through the aquarium glass
  • Flexibilty of movement when taking pictures,  subject can always be focussed
  • Fits a variety of makes of lenses, see specification for details


  • Internal diameter 93mm
  • Internal length from screw grip to base 173mm
  • Total length 192mm


Note: LittleOcean takes no responsibilty for damage of camera equipment, you use this aid at your own risk and you must satisfy yourself it is suitable before using