Magnetic Pico Frag Rack 12 Hole


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 Magnetic Pico Frag Rack 12 Hole 

Frag rack designed specifically for reefers with not much room to spare. This exclusive magnetic frag rack has the ability to hold 12 frags, the slim design means your frags don't take up display room making the most of the space.  Total length of this rack is 14 cm with a protrusion into the tank of only just under 7cm, making this the slimmest magnetic rack on the market.

Two sets of super strong magnets hold the rack fully loaded securely on glass or acrylic as thick as 15mm.

Flat easy clean surface does not attract algae growth.

Two main rows of frag plugs holes with a gap between them, this allows plenty of flow and also access for grazing fish and snails keeping your rack as clean as your tank.

Maximum use of space catering for frag plugs to be placed side by side.

12 holes of 13mm clearance diameter suitable for most frag plugs including all the plugs for sale here


  • Capacity of 12 Coral frags
  • Fish and Flow Highway
  • Holds securely up to 15mm thickness