Grotech Phyto Food 500ml


Product Code: GFFOOD

Grotech Phyto Food 500ml £13.50

Nutrient solution for the Phytoplankton culture 500 ml sufficient for 50 Liter Phytoplankton PhytoFood is specially composed for the Phytoplankton Nannochloropsis salina. PhytoFood cpntains all essential nutrients and vitamines, which are required for the Phytoplankton culture. Directly after the input of PhytoFood into the plankton culture, no plankton should be removed for feeding. Dosing: 10 ml per 1 Liter refilled salt water. This quantity can be increased up to the 3-fold dosing if the culture is good growing. Please use only salt mixtures with high Magnesium content for the production of refill water. The nutrient solution may not be used directly in the aquarium.