Hanna Calcium Pocket Checker HI-758


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Designed for reef keeping, the Hanna Calcium Checker HI-758 offers a quick, easy and highly accurate method of checking one of the most important water parameters for reef keeping.

Corals need adequate levels of calcium in the water to survive and thrive. Many corals use calcium to form their skeletons, drawing much of the calcium they need for the process of calcification from the surrounding water. As a result, calcium levels can quickly become depleted in marine tanks, particularly if they are housing rapid-growing corals.

To grow and maintain healthy corals in a reef tank, it is therefore a top priority to make sure the water has an adequate level of calcium at all times. Recognised levels of calcium

Highly accurate yet simple to use, the Hanna Checker helps avoid fluctuations in calcium levels – making it a whole lot easier to maintain optimum conditions for coral growth.

Most reef aquarists try to maintain natural levels of calcium in their tanks

  • Typical surface ocean value: 420 ppm
  • Accepted range for reef aquaria: 350 – 450 ppm

If levels drop below 360 ppm coral find it difficult to collect enough calcium and growth is stunted


Accurate and easy to use

  • Adaptation of the Zincon method
  • Accuracy ±6% of reading
  • 1 mg/L (ppm) resolution
  • Large easy to read digits
  • Auto shut-off

Ideal for use in:

Coral reef tanks
Aquacultutre aquariums

The Checker for Phosphorus comes complete with 2 sample cuvettes, 1 black cuvette cap, starter pack of 15 reagents, 1 x 1.5V AAA battery and instructions.