Large Fish Trap Magnetic Mount


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 Large Fish Trap Magnetic Mount

PLEASE NOTE image is of the old style trap,  see new features added in the feature list below

Exclusive to Little Ocean, Large Clear Acrylic Fish trap with Magnetic Mounting.  The magnetic moutning allows you to position the trap at any height making it easier to catch your fish by placing it at the normal swimming height for the species involved.

It can of course be used without the magnetic mounting and positioned anywhere in your aquarium as a conventional trap.

Comes with feeding hole, Large Pipette to minimise disturbance when re-baiting is required.

note Max recommend Glass thickness = 12mm  for thicker glass custom traps can be made use contact us page 


  • Magnetic Mounting
  • Mirror option to help catch agreesive fish
  • Double door, designed to limit size of fish caught
  • 1m Pull Cord
  • Baiting Hole behind mirror option or blanking plate
  • Feeding Pipette 



Internal Trap Area

  • 18.5 x 10 x 11 cm

External Size (Including sliding door retainer)

  • 24 x 10.6 x 18 cm

Note when Door is open the total height reaches approx 27cm

Customer Reviews

Large Fish Trap Magnetic Mount - Quality Product

This is a very well designed bit of kit and of high quality. Simple to setup and the double door allows you to target specific sizes of fish. The magnets allow you to place the box in any desire location and height allowing you to target specific species. All in all this fish trap is well worth the money and will probably last for years to come. For future improvements I would suggest it could be further improved by adding another set of magnets on the other side making it possible to have the box facing both directions

John Hickey :: Mar 30 2017, 12:54 pm

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