Membrane Flush Kit


Product Code: FLUSHK

Membrane Flush Kit - £5.00

This kit allows RO membranes to to be flushed periodically reducing build up of contaminants on the membrane.

Simple to fit on all systems with easy to follow instructions supplied. If your existing system includes an elbow fitting capillary flow restrictor this will need to be removed and replaced with an inline flow restrictor with the same rating as the membrane installed.

Parts include:

  • 1 x Metre of Green Tubing
  • 1 x Ball Valve
  • 2 x Equal Tee Fittings 1/4"
  • Installation Instructions

Note that we do no pre-assemble this kit as each RO system is different and requires different lengths of tubing. Enough tubing is supplied with the kit to enable easy installation on all systems regardless of manufacturer.