Smart Coral Viewer


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 Smart Coral Viewer


Acrylic Coral Viewer, eliminates surface reflection alowing unhindered top down viewing from the surface of your aquarium.  The size of the viewer allows most smart phones to be placed within it allowing pictures to be taken with ultimate clarity.


Useful for inspecting corals for general health and searching for those lost frags behind rock work! Also great for taking top down pictures of your aquarium.



  • Quality Clear Acrylic construction
  • Easy grip lip



  • Base dimensions, 190mm Square
  • Depth 43mm
  • Internal viewing diameter 144mm


Note:  Please ensure viewer is water tight and dry before placin any phone inside, be careful not to leave it unattended where it could block a drain pipe, LittleOcean accepts no liability for damaged phones or flooding!  Use at your own risk

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