UltraMarine Issue 47 AUG/SEP


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UltraMarine Issue 47 AUG/SEP - £3.75

 Included in the Latest Issue:

Review: Radion XR15wPro - Richard gets to play with this eagerly awaited LED from EcoTech.
Gianluca Favata's Fabulous Marine Aquarium - Danilo Ronchi meets a stunning 750 litre reef tank.
The Common Cleaner Shrimps - It might not be everyone's favourite activity but if you're a shrimp then being a cleaner is the key to a good living.
Japan's Marine Cornucopia - Richard Smith explores Japan's rich marine diversity.
Calcium Reactors – Understanding the Basics - Richard Aspinall runs through the basics of setting up a calcium reactor.
Review: Cubic Orbit 20 Jellyfish Aquarium - Richard looks at this great desk-top system designed to offer an entry point into the world of keeping jellies.
Fishes in Focus: Meet the Oddballs - John Clipperton focuses on a few of the oddballs in this issue's Fishes in Focus.

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